Cooking class Moroccan food

Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the green fields of vegetables and cereals in the Ourika Valley
Visit an argan oil cooperative, where women crack argan nuts
Enter a real Berber house to see how Berbers live today
Lunch in a traditional Berber house located in a small village called Sidi Fares at an altitude of 1800 meters


Morocco is a country bursting with fresh ingredients and delicious flavours. And yet, unless you choose to eat at the fanciest restaurants or will happily munch on meat, eating out in Morocco can be a little, well, dull.

Veggie couscous, pizza, pasta and the often delicious but frustratingly repetitive vegetarian tagine. We knew that there was a lot more to this country’s cuisine but we just didn’t know how to find it. Taking a cooking class in Marrakech turned out to be the perfect solution – and Souk Cuisine, the perfect class.

Run by Gemma, a wonderful Dutch lady who now calls Morocco home, the class offers not only the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic local dishes, but a chance to source the ingredients themselves – with all classes beginning with a shopping list in that most Moroccan of environments, the souks.


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